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Valid rates for the year 2017.
The modalities offered are face-to-face.
During the enrollment process the day and time will be agreed depending on availability.
The student must purchase the study material as a mandatory requirement for proper learning.
The study material includes Student Book, Workbook, DVD – ROM, Website. Do not open any refund in any modality, nor in the study material.
The student who takes the monthly payment method is in the obligation to finish paying the module, since by not doing so he can obtain a negative score in credit bureaus.
The methodology is immersive and conversational. The STYLE modalities have a different duration, a group (NUMBER) of students and hourly intensity.
The MODE CRONOS are more personalized classes, with a high hourly intensity, in order that the learning is more COMFORTABLE AND EFFICIENT.

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Nota : Estos programas son especialmente para la ciudad de Cali en Colombia