program for high school students

We invite you to finish tenth and eleven in the facilities of our province

As a leader in the use of technology in classrooms in Canada, the Easter Township School Commission (ETSB) ensures that fundamental skills in languages ​​(English and French), mathematics, science and technology are developed. The ETSB also provides free access to state-of-the-art technology for students at elementary and secondary levels. Our curriculum is ranked among the top five at the

worldwide according to the Program for Evaluation for International Students (PISA).

Our schools offer a wide variety of programs designed for your specific needs and interests. We offer concentration in sports, fine arts, drama, music and dance, as well as outdoor education and leadership options that challenge you to reach your academic, physical and social potential to the fullest.

Our schools are well equipped with facilities that include gymnasiums, sports arenas, libraries, auditoriums, full-service cafeterias and specialized classrooms, such as: science labs, multimedia classrooms, carpentry and printing facilities, music and art classrooms, kitchen and sewing.

Our students are provided with practical learning opportunities through a socio-constructivist approach where teachers guide them in the development of the 21st century skills, thus allowing the growth of creativity and critical thinking through the research, communication and collaboration


  • Certificates of study, up to ninth grade.
  • Have ages between 13 – 16 years
  • Have the relevant documentation from the parents
  • Request home service (MANDATORY FOR THIS PROGRAM) Learn more here
  • Application for registration to the school institution of preference, approved. (The registration process has an additional cost to the program)


You do not need to know the language, the program is designed for you to learn