Mission Canada


The students of our international study program are not just members, they are valuable clients. Our purposes are to provide you with the training you need to embark on a lifelong experience. We offer a pleasant and totally bilingual atmosphere with a staff totally committed to your successes.
Our centers are positive learning environments where you can adapt thanks to small class groups for manageable learning and personalized attention.
Our programs are designed to facilitate the exercise of skills, appropriate training, technical knowledge of employers using computer technology and latest generation materials. In this fast changing economy, now is the time to empower yourself with the skills you need to succeed in today’s business world.
Whatever you are looking for a better job in business, art, construction, health or tourism, the demand for trained personnel is increasing and our centers are facing this challenge leading with programs that will bring great reward .
Let the EASTERN TOWNSHIPS training centers show you a different direction … towards a different life.

Program LVTC CBM
(Sherbrooke, QC) (Cowansville, QC)
Computer Graphics
Food and Beverage Service
Homecare Assistance
Industrial Construction & Maintenance Mechanics
Machining Techniques
Professional Sales
Secretarial Studies
Welding and Fitting

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